An evening story about one of San Francisco’s bartenders Sean ” Sully ” Sullivan who pulls the tap, mixes the drinks and serves the sick in order to salvage time for filmmaking here in the greater bay area.


Denna D put the G in Glam!!!

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Multimedia story on Denna Davenport and the Glama Rama Salon in San Francisco’s Mission District. The Salon blends a unique style guide with professional creatives who bring an artistic touch to hair styling and coloring.

Willy’s.. ( Beauty Story )

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Towards the north western side Mission Dolores and Noe Valley, cyclist Noah Bauer, enjoys the some of the downhill streets gaining speed towards Valencia.

Three cyclist Janet, Mark and Robert use the newly renovated bike lanes which have been created throughout many parts of the Mission and downtown San Francisco.  These news lanes are two help cut down on motor traffic and use, by helping to permit cyclist to ride instead of drive.


An early morning cyclist, quickly scans the avenue before proceeding across the early morning intersection.

Tony and Travis two co-workers and friends stretch before beginning their weekly climbing sessions at Mission Cliffs, a climbing and fitness center located in on Harrison in the inner Mission district.


Sherry holds tension weight on her climbing partner as she makes a final grasp up one of the climbing walls at Mission Cliffs.  Below other teams prepare for their workouts and determine, which sections they want to climb.



Jason Adler, co-founder of 18 Reasons, a food sustainability organization and workshop, talks with members on February 23rd, 2011 after returning from France with various types of wine.  In this workshop Jason discuses ways to learn, press and grow grapes and how regions affect the taste and process of winemaking.


Debbie Rosenberg, a member of 18 Reasons and neighbor of the Mission district shares in the cultural workshop put one each week by a variety of chefs, market workers and bakers of local business’s Tartine Bakery, Dolores Park Cafe, and Bi-rite market.


Feb. 14-21 2011 Mission District

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Eats, Treats and Drinks!!!

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Thirsty…or are you parched?   The district is known for its fine mexican food, from such taquerias as Pancho Villas, the Cancun and El Faro.  However there is also a variety of Japanese and Vietnamese hole in the walls that are off the hook, such as Crazy sushi.  In addition there are over a 50 plus bars and clubs which feature some of Northern California’s best micro brews on tap.

Love Bites @ Roxie

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Fans of 80’s power love ballads sing and cheer to celebrate their anti-valentine’s day spirit at the Roxie Theater on 16th and Valencia in the Mission District on Sunday evening.  With the assistance of whiskey and vodka, some teased hair, bad cut off shirts, lighters and the likes of Warrant, Guns & Roses, Journey and Meatloaf the night was in full swing!  The Roxie is one of the remaining independent movie houses in San Francisco, and is currently wrapping up the last week of their IndieSF festival.

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Kids Power Park @ 16th and Valencia


Developments of new and existing parks in the district are becoming more common, especially this one Kids Power Park, which was built on a old used housing lot between 16th and 17th street.  If you have kids in this hood, youl’ll be able to find a place to chase them around.